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Welcome to the Octavia Documentation Here you can learn how to use Octavia, participate in the Octavia Ecosystem and more.

Getting Started

Learn how to start chatting to Octavia


Learn how the VIA Token Powers the Octavia Ecosystem.


Learn about Octavia Ventures and the launchpad.

Octavia Moderation

Learn about Octavia for Groups.

Lightpaper and Project Information

Getting help

Need a hand?

If you need help using Octavia, reach out to the team on the Octavia Discord by opening a ticket in the #📩・create-a-ticket channel.

Submit an bug report

If Octavia's failing to perform a task effectively and you can repeat the problem. We want to hear about it, reach out to our team on Discord in the #🐛・report-bugs channel, or open a ticket in the #📩・create-a-ticket channel.

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