Octavia Assistant

Getting Started with the Octavia Assistant

Let's dip our toes in the Octavia Ecosystem Together!

Start Chatting

The easiest way to try Octavia is to join the Octavia Telegram and Discord groups and begin talking to Octavia naturally there in the public chats.


First, Join the Octavia Discord Server.

Then tag Octavia in a message in any public channel. We recommend using the #Octavia-Banter channel for testing to avoid disrupting conversation.

@Octavia how are you?

Heads up!

Don't copy your message from here, as it won't tag Octavia properly in Discord.

Octavia will then respond rapidly, and you can start trying more interesting conversations.

For more advanced usage on Discord, visit this page. Otherwise, check out some conversation ideas.


First, Join our Telegram Chat. Telegram is similar to Discord, but instead of @'ing Octavia, you'll just say Octavia at the start of your message.

Octavia what's the sentiment like on Polygon?

For more advanced usage on Telegram, visit this page. Otherwise, scroll down for some conversation ideas.

Conversation Ideas

Here's some interesting ways to get started with Octavia, but the sky is the limit!

Try something new

  • FUN: Ask Octavia to draw you something interesting.
  • RESEARCH: Ask Octavia to find out something interesting for you, maybe investigate a project?
  • NEWS: Ask Octavia for the latest news on a specific topic.

Modify it

  • Concise: Ask Octavia to be concise in her response. "Respond concisely please."
  • Dot points: Ask Octavia to respond in dot points. "in dot points please."
  • Yes or No: Ask Octavia to respond in a Yes or No answer, with no further explaination.
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