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The Common Questions

Here's some common questions about Octavia alongside some answers.

How does this compare with other AI Crypto Projects?

We think that Octavia stands on her own, and once you get the opportunity to use her and compare her to the competition -- it'll be clear.

Okay, but how does this compare to X?

You should try sending similar messages to both platforms to compare, here are some examples.

  • if I bought $1000 in bitcoin a week ago, how much would I have now?
  • what is the price, marketcap and ATH of ETH and BTC?
  • whats the latest news in australia?

How does the VIA token work with Octavia?

The VIA token has various usecases within the Octavia Ecosystem, it can be staked for rewards, be used to pay for pro features and be used as part of our train-to-earn platform.

Can Octavia really access the internet?

Yes, Octavia has the ability to fetch any website and view its contents. You can test this by asking her to research very recent events/news for you.

How does Octavia's Memory Work?

Octavia is able to recall infromation adjacent to the current topic of your conversation, this is done via our unique memory system modeled after human memory. Read more »

Is my information private?

During the Beta we use your inputs and outputs to learn where Octavia fails, to improve the services. After the Beta, helping to improve octavia by sharing your conversations will be an opt-out process.

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