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Background Blue: #0F172A Octavia Green: #2DDB9C

Logo Rules

  • Use the black logo only where the normal logo looks bad, like on a white surface.
  • Give the logo enough space to breathe, at least one "pill" worth.
  • Keep the logo clearly readable and visible.
  • Avoid using the logo more tha once in an image.
  • DO NOT create your own edits of the logo, use the official images only.

Logo Download

LogoTypeLogo for Dark & Colour backgroundsSVG PNG
LogoLogo for Dark BackgroundSVG PNG
WhiteLogoLogo for Dark Background where green clashesSVG PNG
DarkLogotypeLogo for white background (avoid using where possible)SVG PNG
DarkLogoLogo for white background only (avoid using where possible)SVG PNG