Octavia for Groups

Profanity Filter in Octavia for Groups

Profanity Filter

There are 4 levels of profanity filtering, by default Octavia will only delete content with the most egregious profanity -- think egregious slurs towards protected classes of people.

Level 0 will not block any speech excluding some extreme profanity.

Level 1 will add directed swearing, that is, swearing that is abusive and directed at another person in your community. Plus, will add other high-level slurs.

Level 2 will add hate for marginalised groups, the F-word, sexual swearing to the filter.

Level 3 is the strictest, which will add words for genitals, sexual acts, and other similar words to the block list.

Custom Word Filter

You can always add additional blocked words at any time, but remember, the AI moderation is better equipped to deal with most forms of abuse and hate. Consider using the custom words for competitors or similar words you don't want to see in your community.