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Tiers - Octavia Launchpad


You can stake your VIA tokens at pad.octavia.one to earn APY and gain a tier for the Launchpad Platform.


Octavia Ventures is separated out into 6 tiers, with the minimum requirement to stake being 200 VIA. The higher amount you stake, the better your tier — which means access to even more exclusive private and seed sales, bigger allocations and more!

  • Base 200 VIA
  • Bronze 500 VIA
  • Silver 2,000 VIA
  • Gold 5,000 VIA
  • Emerald 10,000 VIA
  • Emerald Elite 15,000 VIA


Looking for a higher tier but short on tokens? Gain a boost by locking tokens in a staking pool for an extended period. The 365-day staking pool comes with a 50% boost, allowing you to reach the Emerald Elite tier by staking just 10,000 VIA.

This Boost system allows us to reward those members who are committed to the Octavia ecosystem.

Get Started Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit pad.octavia.one and stake your VIA tokens now to secure your tier, just in time for the Octavia Ventures launch in the coming days!