Getting Started

Introduction to Octavia

Meet Octavia, your AI Assistant on-chain and off.

Octavia is your cutting-edge AI assistant designed to help you with your crypto needs. With a strong foundation in crypto knowledge, direct access to on-chain information, and a connection to the internet, Octavia is your ultimate sidekick for research, trading, and more.

Key Features

  1. Cloud Connected: Octavia is connected to both the internet and the blockchain, which enables her to conduct research, use search engines, and visit websites.
  2. Securely Connected to Your Services: Whether you communicate with Octavia through Discord or Telegram, she can recognize and authenticate you.
  3. Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia's working memory helps her learn about you and your preferences, allowing her to provide increasingly personalized assistance.

Your Autonomous Web3 Assistant

Octavia's features are designed to boost your productivity, make your life easier, and streamline your work.

The Living AI Assistant

Octavia is not just connected to the internet; she's also connected to your services, making her a true AI assistant.

  • Internet Access: Octavia's ability to access the internet allows her to conduct research, visit websites, and use search engines like Google.
  • Calculating: With an in-built calculator, Octavia ensures that her outputs are always accurate.
  • Memory: Octavia's working memory of her interactions with you helps her improve and provide better assistance over time.
  • Blockchain Native: Octavia is on-chain and understands blockchain operations. Provide her with a transaction hash, and she'll analyze it and explain it in simple terms.

Powered by the VIA Token

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