About Octavia Labs


Luke Martinez - Founder & Lead Developer

Luke Martinez is a visionary, innovator, and seasoned builder. His knack for creating transformative solutions that impact vast audiences forms the bedrock of Octavia Labs' pioneering ethos.

As the co-founder of Bogged in 2020. With $0 in external funding, Luke grew and helmed a dynamic team that spearheaded its growth from ground zero to a staggering $2.6 billion in total traded volume, accruing 300,000 total dapp users. Under his leadership, Bogged's charting platform skyrocketed from a nascent stage to boasting 3 million monthly active users (March 2022) within a year.

But Luke isn't one to rest on past laurels. His gaze is firmly fixed on the future, and his ambitious vision is manifesting through Octavia Labs. This venture marks the advent of the world's first semi-autonomous crypto assistant, a groundbreaking innovation that has seen Octavia Labs leapfrog ahead of industry competitors. Luke's unwavering belief and unyielding determination have accelerated Octavia's development, putting it on the fast track to transformative success.

You can follow Luke's journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ben - CCO

Ben is an experienced professional with a lifetimes of experience in the marketing space. His expertise in marketing and business development has been instrumental in the growth of Octavia Labs, helping us drive this project forward.

Brett - Senior Engineer

Brett is our most senior engineer, with extensive experience in web3 and ethereum development. Brett has years of experience in the crypto space, and has been a key player in the development of Octavia. His expertise in front & backend development has been instrumental in the creation of Octavia's robust infrastructure.

Alexander - Machine Learning Development / Infrastructure

Alexander has been a devoted professional in back-end development and infrastructure since 2014. His unwavering commitment to build robust and efficient systems forms the backbone of Octavia, ensuring it is secure, scalable, and poised for success. Additional to his experience in back-end development, Alexandre has been exploring Machine Learning since 2020, enabling Alexandre to assist in training and deploying advanced models to our infrastructure.

Kelvin - Marketing & Social

Kelvin is a dynamic marketing expert with a keen eye for social trends. Having entered the crypto space in 2015, he leverages his industry insights to drive Octavia's marketing efforts and craft impactful social media campaigns. Kelvin's innate ability to tap into the pulse of the crypto community amplifies Octavia's brand presence and user engagement.

Elliot - Partnerships & Marketing

Elliot, a seasoned professional with a knack for strategic alliances, has been an active player in the crypto industry since 2016. His comprehensive experience in partnerships and marketing furnishes him with a deep understanding of the crypto ecosystem. Elliot utilizes his network and expertise to fuel Octavia's growth, establishing significant collaborations, and broadening the project's reach.

Ollie - Senior Business Development Manager

Ollie is a seasoned business development manager with a wealth of experience in the crypto space. His extensive knowledge of the industry and proven track record in forging successful partnerships make him an invaluable asset to Octavia. Ollie's strategic approach and unwavering commitment to driving business growth are instrumental in expanding Octavia's presence and attracting B2B clients.

Martin - Business Development Manager

Martin brings his proven expertise as a seasoned business development manager to Octavia, focusing on the onboarding of B2B users. With his impressive track record of forging successful partnerships and driving business growth, Martin is an invaluable asset in expanding Octavia's presence and attracting B2B clients.

Harry - Front End Development

Harry is a gifted front-end developer, crafting visually compelling and user-friendly interfaces since 2013. His meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach enables the creation of seamless user experiences for Octavia. Harry's dedication to staying abreast with the latest design trends ensures that Octavia's front-end remains contemporary and intuitive.

Pope - Community Manager

Pope is an empathetic community manager who has been part of the crypto scene since 2017. His exceptional communication skills and commitment to fostering a supportive environment make him an integral part of the team. Pope's ability to connect with Octavia's user community and address their needs fosters a vibrant and engaged user base.

Pritam - Community Moderator

Pritam is a community manager with experience in the crypto sphere since 2019. His commitment to user satisfaction and robust interpersonal skills enable him to foster meaningful connections within the community. Pritam's passion for cultivating a positive user experience contributes significantly to Octavia's thriving community engagement.