Octavia Assistant

Essential Tasks you can do with Octavia

15 Tasks made possible with Octavia

While we can't possibly begin to imagine the possibilities when it comes to the functions Octavia can assist with.

Here are fifteen ideas for things you can do with the full version of Octavia to help you start using Octavia. Most of these are possible today, and we're working hard to make them all a reality.

  1. Write a tweet thread for you Ask Octavia to research a token and create a thread based on a topic. Example Prompt: "Research the Base Layer 2 and write a twitter thread on how it will change the world via Optimistic Rollups"

  2. Ape-In to Tokens (Soon) Ape-In on Presales on supported platforms without the need to stay on your PC. Example Prompt "Can you buy the Zetacoin on Pinksale for me once the presale opens."

  3. Stay up-to-date with market trends Ask Octavia to fetch the latest token trends and price movements for your favorite tokens. Example prompt: "Show me the latest price trends for Ethereum"

  4. Schedule a recursive command and have it notify you if the answer becomes yes (Soon) Setup Recurring Task: Daily - "Have they added a launch date to interestingtoken.com yet?" Notify me if: Answer = Yes.

  5. Monitor new token launches Octavia can provide information on the latest token launches, ensuring you never miss out on potential opportunities. Example prompt: "Show me the latest token launches about AI"

  6. Track your token transactions (Soon) Octavia can retrieve your token transactions history from various blockchains. Example prompt: "Show me my recent transactions"

  7. Get smart contract details Ask Octavia to fetch smart contract information for any project or token. Example prompt: "Get the contract information for Uniswap"

  8. Crypto news updates Octavia can fetch the latest news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Example prompt: "Show me the latest news on Cardano"

  9. Research and summarize a project Ask Octavia to research a project, summarize its key points, and send you the information. Example prompt: "Research and summarize the Polkadot project"

  10. Tweet token price predictions Octavia can tweet your price predictions for any token. Example prompt: "Tweet my prediction that Chainlink will reach $100 by the end of the year"

  11. Research and recommend DeFi projects Octavia can research and recommend promising DeFi projects based on your preferences. Example prompt: "Find and recommend DeFi projects with a focus on interoperability"

  12. Share project updates on Twitter Octavia can keep you informed about project updates and share them on Twitter. Example prompt: "Tweet the latest updates for the Avalanche project"

  13. Research and compare token utility Octavia can research and compare the utility of different tokens. Example prompt: "Compare the utility of Polygon and Cosmos"

  14. Monitor token price alerts (Soon) Octavia can notify you when a specific token reaches a certain price. Example prompt: "Alert me when Bitcoin reaches $75,000"

  15. Analyze on-chain metrics Octavia can fetch and analyze on-chain metrics for various tokens. Example prompt: "Show me the on-chain metrics for SushiSwap"

Basic Usage