Octavia Assistant

Technical Documentation You've made it to the good part of the documentation, where we share some of the inner workings of Octavia. Whether you're here because you're curious, doing some DD, or are a competitor trying to play catch-up: welcome.


In this document we will give a very high level overview of Octavia to allow you to start understanding how the other components fit into Octavia to make her the superhuman AI assistant we all know her to be.

Octavia is a Web3 Crypto AI Assistant powered by the VIA Token. It is designed to assist crypto users with research, trading, and more. In this technical introduction, we will explore the key features and underlying technology of Octavia.


  1. The First On-Chain AI: Octavia has access to both the internet and the blockchain. This allows her to research and retrieve information about tokens, wallets, contracts, and more.

  2. Securely Connected to Your Wallet: Octavia can carry out actions on-chain for you, such as buying tokens, scheduling orders, and participating in presales. This connection is done securely to ensure the safety of your assets.

  3. Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia has a real working memory that learns about you and your preferences. This memory allows Octavia to personalize her assistance and provide a better user experience.

How Octavia Works

  1. Message Processing: When Octavia receives a message from the user, she is given a list of options to respond. For simple messages, Octavia can respond without further research. For complex messages, Octavia follows a human-centric approach to research.

  2. Web Research: Octavia searches the web like a human. She uses search engines to find relevant information, looks at search results, picks the best one, visits the site, reads and understands it. If further research is needed, Octavia repeats the process.

  3. Blockchain Awareness: Octavia's upcoming addition of Blockchain awareness will allow her to fetch information directly from the blockchain. This will enhance her ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information about tokens, wallets, and contracts.

  4. Memory Storage and Recall: Octavia has three levels of memory - Local Memory, Global Memory, and Fixed Memory. Local Memory stores information between user sessions, Global Memory stores new discoveries and interesting information, and Fixed Memory preserves Octavia's personality and core knowledge.

  5. Memory Association: Octavia's memory is based on the human model of memory storage. Memories are associated with specific topics using a vector database. This allows Octavia to recall relevant information based on the user's message and preferences.


Octavia is not just science fiction. It is a real AI assistant that combines on-chain and off-chain capabilities to provide a superhuman level of assistance to crypto users. With features like web research, blockchain awareness, and AI memory, Octavia aims to revolutionize the crypto workflow and make a positive impact in the crypto and DeFi space.

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