If you're on this page, you're probably thinking about the NFT Airdrop for Octavia and how you can maximise your chances of scoring one (or more) of the rarest Octavia Personality Cores during the Airdrop Period.

The Airdrop will occur approximately one month after the launch of the Octavia Token, however you can already increase your chances of getting one or more NFTs from the airdrop.

How to get an NFT

Personality Core NFT's will be freely airdropped to users who participate in the Octavia Community. 5,000 Personality Core NFTs will be avaliable and distributed as follows.

  • 1,000 Randomly Distributed to wallets connecting to Octavia.One before and during the token sale.
  • 1,000 Randomly Distributed via the Promotion
  • 1,000 Distributed via our Zealy Campaign randomly in a lottery based on points earned
  • 1,000 Randomly Distributed to users who Quote Retweet or Retweet any post on @OctaviaToken
  • 500 Randomly Distributed to users who use the $VIA hashtag and talk about Octavia
  • 500 Randomly Distributed to members of the Telegram


Can I enter multiple times?

Yes, you can enter as many times as you wish!

Can I win multiple NFT's?

Yes, if you get enough entries, you might just win more than one NFT. Some are more rare than others, so get your entries in!

Will more NFTs be minted in future?

No more of these specific cores will be minted in the future. Other core types may be minted if we feel it will not devalue this core set.

How will I know if I earned an NFT?

You will be notified on the Octavia website after connecting an eligible wallet and be given the opportunity to mint your NFT.

Will there be any charges for minting?

No, you will only need to pay gas to mint the NFT.

NFTs Overview