Advanced Usage

Advanced Tips for Using Octavia

Here's some ways to improve your experience and get the most out of Octavia.


Start New Conversations

When you're changing gears, start a new conversation to let Octavia know that you're ready to move on to another topic. Don't worry, Octavia's unique memory will allow her to recall information from your previous conversations.


Be direct and specific

Asking specific questions and directing Octavia to undertake specific tasks will make her more useful for you.

Instead of asking "What's new in crypto", ask "What are the latest tokens launching soon?", this will prompt her to get the information you intend to get.

Be complex (but not too complex)

Octavia is able to take multiple actions to respond to your query. This makes Octavia super powerful, and means you can chain your query to get an interesting result.

Example: Octavia, can you please find the latest token launches that relate to AI and create a tweet thread about it.

There are three requests in this sentence: Get Token Launches, Filter by ones relating to AI, and Create a Tweet Thread.

Octavia can handle requests like this, however when requests get too complex, she can sometimes get a little lost. So try to break your requests down into steps.

We are continuing to improve Octavia's ability to handle more complex tasks, and we'd appreciate feedback if you experience issues.

Add qualifiers

  • If you want a more concise response add: Respond concisely to the end of your message.
  • If you want your response in dot points/bullet points add: Respond in dot points.
  • If you would like a more verbose response, ask Please be verbose.

Remember, Octavia is an advanced AI, so you can come up with your own qualifiers to adjust her output to your liking.