This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of how to use Octavia on Discord, and how it differs from other platforms. This guide assumes that you already have access to the web app. If not, you can only interact with Octavia in the main discord chat.


Discord provides an excellent platform for interacting with Octavia, especially for those who enjoy spending time on their favorite Discord servers and want to quickly switch to Octavia for due diligence on trending new tokens and more.

Looking for Public Chat?

If you're interested in learning how to interact with Octavia in public chats like the Octavia Discord Server, please click here.


Regardless of the platform you choose, Octavia remains the same. However, the interface may vary. Once you've linked your account, you can start interacting.

Getting Started

Join the Octavia Discord

Bot's on Discord can't talk in DM's when they're not in a shared server with you, so you'll need to be in the Octavia Discord Server.

You can then message the bot, it's username is Octavia#9950 but it'll always appear at the top of the Octavia Discord Server user list.

Discord Image

Linking to your Octavia Account

When you send a direct message to Octavia on Discord, she will prompt you to connect your Discord Account via the web app. You can visit your profile and enter your Discord username to let Octavia know that you're the one interacting on Discord.



Octavia can accept both voice and text inputs on Discord. You can either send a voice note or type a message directly to Octavia.


Octavia can respond in both voice and text formats. Typically, Octavia will respond with text to text messages and voice to voice messages, unless the voice message would be excessively long.

In addition, Octavia can also output images on Discord.