This document will go over the differences in using Octavia in Telegram, versus the other platforms. This assumes you have access to the web app, otherwise you will only be able to talk to Octavia in the main telegram chat.


Telegram is a great option for talking to Octavia for those who spend their time doing crypto research and chatting on Telegram. Find a great token? Flip over to your DM with Octavia to start your Due Dilligence.

Want to talk in Public Chats?

If you are looking for information on talking to Octavia in public chats, click here.


Octavia is the same Octavia no matter where you speak to her, but the interface changes. Once you've linked Octavia Direct Mesage Telegram

Getting Started

Linking to your Octavia Account

When you message Octavia via DM on Telegram, she will ask you to connect your Telegram Account on the webapp. You can visit your profile and type in your Telegram username to connect your

Got a handle?

You need to have a telegram handle to connect your account. This means a username starting with an @. If your telegram handle changes, you'll need to update Octavia.



Octavia can accept Voice and Text input on Telegram. Send a voice note, or type a message directly to Octavia.


Octavia can output in voice, images and text. Generally Octavia will output text in response to text messages, and voice in response to voice messages -- except when the voice message would be unsuitably long. When Octavia is drawing an image, it will send her image as a seperate message.