Octavia on Web

Octavia Webapp

Beta Rollout

We are progressively rolling out the beta for the Octavia Web App to our users. If you don't have access yet, you can talk to Octavia on Public Platforms for now.

This document will guide you through the process of using Octavia in the Web App. This assumes you have approval to access the web app beta, otherwise you will only be able to talk to Octavia in the main telegram chat or on Discord for now.


The Web App is a great option for interacting with Octavia for both those who prefer a more traditional interface, and those who want more power from Octavia. Whether you're doing intense crypto research or just exploring, the Web App provides a seamless and intuitive experience.

Getting Started

Connect Wallet

When you log in to the Web App, you will be asked to sign a message with your wallet. This is both to ensure the security of assets that Octavia manages on your behalf (in the future), and to protect the privacy of your historical chats.

Launch App

Once you're logged in, you'll see the green app link at the top right on desktop and mobile.



Octavia can accept text input on the Web App. Type a message directly to Octavia in the chat box.

For now, voice is disabled.


Workflows allow Premium Users to optimise their Octavia experience.

Workflows are custom prompts with different variables, saved in your browser so you can use them later. Automate your DD, research, or any other reptitive task. A workflow can contain up to 10 messages and 10 variables, meaning you can get real work done sooner with Octavia.

Instead of typing out your command everytime, try the workflows.


Octavia can output in text and images. Generally, Octavia will output text in response to text messages. When Octavia is drawing an image, it will display her image in the chat box.

Additionally, Octavia will output relevant information to your queries in the sidebar on Desktop. Surfacing even more information, like charts and stats, to make your journey simpler.

Currently, voice output is disabled on Octavia Web.