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Technical FAQ

Q. How does Octavia work?

A. Octavia is a semi-autonomous AI that has been trained on a corpus of Crypto Knowledge. She has direct access to the blockchain and the internet, which allows her to assist users with research, trading, and more. Octavia also has a real working memory, where she learns about users and their preferences to work better for them.

Q. How does Octavia access the blockchain?

A. Octavia has been designed to have direct access to the blockchain, through her ability to make direct calls to Octavia-Core functions. This allows her to retrieve information about tokens, wallets, contracts, and more. If users choose, Octavia can also carry out actions on-chain for them, such as buying tokens, scheduling orders, and buying into presales.

Q. How does Octavia's AI memory work?

A. Octavia's AI memory works in three levels: Local Memory, Global Memory, and Fixed Memory. Local Memory stores information between user sessions for a single user. Global Memory stores new information that Octavia discovers in the process of her research. Fixed Memory maintains and preserves Octavia's personality, core knowledge about the Octavia project, and any adjustments we need to make to the opinions and thoughts of Octavia.

Q. How does Octavia store and recall memory?

A. Octavia stores memory based on the human model of recognizing what is important and storing it. For every stage of a process, an LLM is used to determine whether this information is critical and should be stored in memory, and if so, how long is this memory relevant for. Octavia recalls memory based on association/context, using a technology called a vector database to associate memories with their specific topics.

You can read our article about this for more information:

Q. How does Octavia's web research work?

A. Octavia's web research works in a similar way to how humans browse the web. She opens a search engine, types a search query, looks at the search results, picks the best one, visits the site, and reads and understands it. If further research is needed, she goes back, visits another site, or tries a different search query. Every step is controlled entirely by AI, ensuring that the research flow for Octavia is comprehensive and accurate.

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Q. How does Octavia's Blockchain Analysis module work?

A. The Blockchain Analysis module is one of the seven modules in Octavia-Core. This module allows Octavia to analyze the blockchain and provide accurate responses to user questions about it. The module is entirely autonomous, meaning that every action Octavia takes is in the goal of responding to, or completing the task you’ve asked of her in your message.

Q. How does Octavia ensure user privacy?

A. Octavia is designed with user privacy in mind. Only information fetched externally can go into Octavia’s Global Memory. User-specific information is stored in Local Memory and is not shared with other users.

Additionally, premium users will be able to start incognito chats where Octavia will not memorise or store any information about their chat.

Q. How does Octavia handle changes in user preferences?

A. Octavia's memory system is designed to be flexible and adaptable. If a user changes their preferences, Octavia's memory can be updated to reflect these changes. We are also exploring ways to ensure memories have a lifespan for Octavia like they do for humans, and can be superseded by new memories by using concepts like Decay.

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